Infographic Poster

Concept Statement 

As one huge Japanese food lover, the main subject of this infographics is Ramen. The piece provides a graphic visual representation of basic information of Ramen, including the anatomy, the toppings, and the different types and flavors of Ramen. The data and the knowledge present in this work are limited in order to achieve a visual hierarchy and harmony.

Design Statement 

Since the visual is the main focus of my concept, the overall design contributes to improving cognition through graphics and charts. The designs of the icons are abstract, I wanted the piece to be more two-dimensional instead of realistic. The geometric shapes utilized in this piece indeed enhance the visual system.

The use of a limited color palette, black, red, and white, allows the audience to absorb the information quickly and clearly while creating a comforting visual system. The type used in this infographics is Brandon Grotesque, a sans-serif typeface, very clear and modern type for the viewers to understand.

In this project, the color correction and level adjustment in Adobe Photoshop are the keys to maintain the original colors.

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